815 Bustleton Pike
Richboro, PA 18954
Phone: 215-357-8515

About Northampton Bucks County Municipal Authority

Capture.PNGThe Northampton Bucks County Municipal Authority is an independent, non-profit corporate agent of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, exercising governmental, as well as private corporate power, in assisting the Commonwealth in meeting the needs of its citizens. The Authority provides public water and sanitary sewer services to its ratepayers. The Authority is responsible to its ratepayers and regulatory agencies. Income to operate the Authority is derived directly from the service revenues provided by ratepayers using the public water and sanitary sewer services.

The Municipal Authority is an alternate vehicle for accomplishing public purposes without the direct action of counties, municipalities and school districts. These purposes commonly include the acquisition, operations, financing, and construction of projects such as water supply and sewer systems. The Municipal Authority may fix and collect rentals or other charges and may issue revenue bonds independent of the governing body that appoints its Board.

The Authority is governed under the Municipality Authorities Act as amended and supplemented (the “Act”) of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and pursuant to an ordinance enacted by the Township. The Certificate of Incorporation was issued by the Secretary of the Commonwealth on December 31, 1964. Articles of Amendment were filed with the Department of State of the Commonwealth on December 1, 2006, to extend the life of the Authority for a term of fifty (50) years from such date. The Authority has the power and authority to enter into long term agreements that do not extend beyond its amended term of existence (November 30, 2056).

Authority Mission, Vision, and Principles:


With pride and dedication we will serve its ratepayers by providing cost effective, safe water and environmentally sound wastewater services.


The Authority must conserve today to sustain tomorrow by protecting its valuable water and environmental resources.


  • Value honesty and integrity in all that the Authority does
  • Champion environmental stewardship
  • Embrace technology to create a better tomorrow
  • Ensure a safe working environment
  • Promote professional & technical excellence
  • Collaborate with Authority’s community partners
  • Commit to conservation of water resources