Press Releases and News

We, the management, and Board of your Water & Sewer Authority provide fresh and clean water and environmentally safe wastewater services to our Northampton Community. NBCMA has ensured ample water supplies and capacities for everyday use as well as for all our recreational needs.

We are advocates for our community needs to safeguard not only the water quality and water availability needs, but also to provide a long-term commitment to maintain a reasonable level rate structure for future years. 

There are challenges to our missions. Corporate entities, lobbyist and other private entities are constantly seeking to gain control over governmental public water providers, who like NBCMA, are independent, nonprofit organizations not guided by shareholder profits and maximum permitted rate changes.

Decisions must be made between privatization of water services or the retention of community ownership and control. The former provides substantial funds to the selling government while the later provides lower rates and local impute from the community.

A choice may have to be made by each community providing public water services. NBCMA hopes that we have earned your trust and confidence.