At the Northampton Bucks County Municipal Authority (NBCMA), we are proud that our only focus is on delivering the highest quality water & wastewater services at the lowest possible cost to the residents of Northampton Township. Our revenues are used to operate, maintain, and improve our infrastructure today and into the future while meeting or exceeding all regulatory requirements.

Because we are a “public” entity, we answer to you. Unlike “private investor-owned utilities” we do not have shareholders. Investor-owned utilities, by their very nature, have as their core mission the generation of maximum profits for their investors and stakeholders. 

As your local publicly held Authority, our mission is to do the “right thing for our community”. Such values are integral to our DNA. 

NBCMA Adopted Water and Sewer Rate Schedule

Effective with billing February 2017

Water-Billed Monthly New Rates
Base Charge per Meter size:
5/8" meter (* typical residential meter size) $8.50
3/4" meter $9.00
1"meter $9.75
1 1/2" meter $12.00
2"meter $13.25
3"meter $30.25
4"meter $36.75
6" meter $55.50
8" meter $85.75
Plus: Volumetric charge .00685 per gallon
Sewer - Billed Monthly New Rates
Non-Metered charge per EDU $ 64.60
Metered Customer: New Rates
No Usage (minimum bill) per Customer $ 33.00
Base Rate per Customer (includes 2,000 gallons): $ 33.00
Plus: Volumetric charge over 2,000 gallons $ .01215 per gallon
Customer with 1 EDUs and 3,000 gallons monthly usage
Water: New Rates
Customer has 5/8" meter $ 8.50
Volumetric Charge:- .00685 X 3,000 $ 20.55
Total Water Monthly Charge: $ 29.05
Sewer: New Rates
Base Rate: $ 33.00
Volumetric Charge: - .01215 X (3,000-2,000) $ 12.15
Total Sewer Monthly Charge: $ 45.15

We have an overarching commitment to: